I was born in 1944 and grew up in northern Virginia near the town of Mclean. Some of the first songs I learned were songs of the Carter Family that reflected a deep connection with the traditions of that part of the world. I think that sense of music as a part of community rather than just something you listen to on the radio has stayed with me throughout my explorations of many different styles of music and forms of music.

The soporific version:

Herb Moore is a life long student of sound. He has studied both modern electronic music and the traditional music of many cultures.┬áVariations on Herb’s themes have been performed by the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, and his works have been used by NASA, Computer Using Educators, and for the exhibit “Underwater Life” at the Palo Alto Junior museum. He has presented corporate team building sessions, led workshops and scored for choreography for many Bay Area dance companies. Herb’s recordings cover the spectrum from acoustic instruments, to found sounds, to recordings based on DNA sequences from the Human Genome…